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    Hands of Time

    Original Songs
    Original songs take you on a journey from birth, to first child, through your golden years.


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    Sheet Music

    (Click song for sample - may take 10 seconds) Trouble
      1. ...Life - The O'Neill Brothers
      2. Birth - The O'Neill Brothers
      3. Pre-School - The O'Neill Brothers
      4. First Piano Recital - The O'Neill Brothers
      5. Childhood Dreams - The O'Neill Brothers
      6. A Teenager - The O'Neill Brothers
      7. Graduation Pomp & Circumstance - The O'Neill Brothers
      8. What Next? - The O'Neill Brothers
    Sheet Music Download 9. Falling in Love - The O'Neill Brothers
    Sheet Music Download 10. The Wedding Day - The O'Neill Brothers
      11. Romance - The O'Neill Brothers
      12. Life - The O'Neill Brothers
      13. Parenting - The O'Neill Brothers
      14. Family Days - The O'Neill Brothers
      15. Crisis - The O'Neill Brothers
    Sheet Music Download 16. Dad - The O'Neill Brothers
      17. An Empty Nest - The O'Neill Brothers
      18. Memories - The O'Neill Brothers
    Sheet Music Download 19. Amazing Grace - arr. by  The O'Neill Brothers
      20. Life... - The O'Neill Brothers

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    "I love using the O'Neill Brother's CDs in my classroom for a variety of reasons. On one particular day, a very active group of eighth graders entered the room. After explaining the art lesson for the day, I decided to play the CD, "Hands of Time". This CD had such a calming effect that I almost had to turn it off because I was worried the kids were too relaxed (but I thought the better of this as it isn't often that moments of silence like this happen). All of a sudden the sirens started to sound indicating we were having a fire drill. The kids practically jumped out of their skin because they were so relaxed that they were startled. As we proceeded to exit the room, I noticed one of the kids didn't have her shoes on. I asked her about this and she stated, "Well you turned that CD on and it was so relaxing that I kicked my shoes off." I am happy to say that I have found a variety of CDs that I will use in my classroom forever. I love them and the kids love them. Thank You!" - Anonymous, Shakopee, MN

    "I purchased the 3 CD set of romantic music, and the lovely arrangements of melodies create a warm and wonderful backdrop to any occasion. The fact that 50% of the CD's net proceeds was being donated to the charity of my choice was the impetus for me to purchase the CD's directly from the source--the O'Neill Brothers! This duo is to be complimented on their philanthropy in addition to their talent!" - Nancy Benson, Bemidji, MN

    "I have the "Hands of Time" CD and love how it just soothes your soul and keeps on flowing." - Amanda: Chokio, MN

    "I felt the need to let you know how much I appreciate this cd. I am only twenty lost my father when I was fourteen. When I hear this beautiful piano music, it reminds me of how he is still watching over me still wants me to succeed. Thank you! " - Pamela, Tampa, FL

    "I was so taken by 'Hands of Time' that I 'loaned' it to my son who teaches 5th grade to use in his classroom. He played the first track for his class without telling them the title and asked them to 'feel' what the music said to them. 'Life' was their response. It brought tears to my eyes at his telling. Your music transcends all generations. - Nancy, Mesa, AZ